Figure 1.

Predicted (open bars) and measured (grey bars) changes in HDL-C (A), total cholesterol (B), LDL-C (C), and total cholesterol to HDL-C ratio (D) when consumption of partially hydrogenated soybean oil (PHSO) or interesterified (IE) fat is compared to palm olein (POL). Measured data are adapted from the study of Sundram and co-workers (3). Estimation of predicted effects of the PHSO and IE compared to POL have been calculated using the equations proposed by Mensink and co-workers (2) and the fatty acid composition of the fats used in the study from Sundram and co-workers (3)

Destaillats et al. Nutrition & Metabolism 2007 4:10   doi:10.1186/1743-7075-4-10
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