Figure 3.

Gene expression in small intestine. mRNA expression of genes coding for proteins in fatty acid uptake and lipid synthesis in the intestinal epithelium of the four segments relative to the expression in segment 1 (S1) of one individual in the HF group. Graphs show the median expression value and range of each group. HF; dark grey bars (n = 6), FO; light grey bars (n = 5) KO; medium grey bars (n = 6). a(segment) = HF vs. FO, p < 0.05; b(segment) = HF vs. KO, p < 0.05; c(segment) = FO vs. KO, **p < 0.01 for Dunn post hoc analysis after significant differences with the Kruskal-Wallis test, marked as K-W over respective segment in the HF group.

Tillander et al. Nutrition & Metabolism 2014 11:20   doi:10.1186/1743-7075-11-20
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